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Just Don't say I Didn't Warn You?

Posted by ARW747 on November 9, 2013 at 1:45 PM

I'd be the first to tell you, I enjoy the convenience of using cell phones, cordless phones, computers, tablets etc. and I even liked 'micrograves' when I was younger and didn't know any better.
When we look at the advances in technology from 25 plus years ago, there are many differences that make our lives seem a lot easier, I don't think many can deny that. 
I sometimes wonder how we lived without cell phones, especially. I know we had the pay phones but today seems like 95% of adults have a cell phone.
Not only does every adult seem to think these are essential and a must but now a day, children as young as 8 have phones and the parents are made to believe the children have to have them.
That's another subject altogether, Smh...
Yes, I admit these items are Kool and make things a lot easier at times, but we must be wise and understand that with every benefit there's always a negative/side affect or two when it comes to these man made items.
At times the side effects can be fatal.
So Be Careful, take heed, and watch the children and let them know.
The following Video Clip should make clear the point I'm making. 
Your feedback is welcomed.

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