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Have You Seen em??

Posted by ARW747 on November 9, 2013 at 1:45 PM

I mean if your eyes are open you can't miss them.

They may even even be family members or God forbid, a spouse or significant other'.
I see em all the time but these days it just makes me shake my head and wanna keep distance.
They say if it looks like a duck, walks, like a duck and quacks like a duck then dammit its a duck.
But these folk have such good disguises sometimes they'll fool you sometimes, and even fool themselves. Lol
You know the type, that have the Afrikan names, wear the right clothes and are on Facebook and other social sites sayin all the right stuff to get over.
Funny thing though, in real life, you know their 'private lives'...
  • where do they shop?
  • where do they go out to eat?
  • what do they eat?
  • what schools do their children attend?
  • what are they reading?
  • what tv shows do they watch?
  • Where do they desire to live?
I peep these individuals..
And you gotta be careful, if you don't wanna offend or argue with them, so I'll say very little.
But to me it's interesting how they will claim something, but their everyday actions and desires are opposite to what they claim to be about.
For 1, they're Nutritional Uncle Tom's, meaning they eat just as their former masters taught them. Fast Food (Fast Death) and so called soul food, makes up their diets. 
This Soul Food you think you're eating is killing you slowly. They don't care cause you know it tastes Good.
Ok, you want a good education for your child, no problem.
Why is it you believe these schools are always outside of the black neighborhood?
Yes that may be true in some cases, but when speaking of private schooling or even home school options, these folk are looking at others that look nothing like themselves.
Furthermore, they tell you scholars like Dr Clarke and Dr Ben are irrelevant today and their solutions won't work in today's world. Hmmm..
You might hear them say, 'Nah, I could never live in Africa its too hot or too ancient, you know not modern enough.'
Think I'll stop here, Seems to me enough examples were stated, and I'm sure you can add quite a few yourself.
I do hope the point was made, plus I'm done venting. :)
Sorry ARW, I had an incident recently and it made me think to write this one.
Anyhow, Thanks for listening as usual.
So if you ever wanna support a decent Black Business that's 100% owned and operated by someone that looks like you, and cares about your interests and has similar likes and dislikes,
I have a decent suggestion below.

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